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The Berkeley Lab works on energy storage from science to deployment, including the discovery of new battery materials, characterization of materials, fabrication of cells, the testing and diagnostics of failure, and the science of manufacturing. As birthplace of battery electrochemistry and manufacturing science, and as a pioneer in leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to design manufacturing solutions, Berkeley Lab's research and development efforts in the battery space are focused on strengthening domestic battery manufacturing, supported by energy storage workforce development and equitable energy transition in the U.S.

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New Energy Nexus (NEX) is an international not-for-profit organization that supports clean energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators and networks. We started in California and have expanded operations into China, India, Southeast Asia, East and West Africa, and Australia. Our mission is to support diverse entrepreneurs to drive innovation and build equity in the global clean energy economy. Our goal is to support 100,000 startups to succeed by 2030 – a decisive decade to surface and support as many climate solutions as possible. Through our global network, we directly boost hundreds of entrepreneurs annually while uplifting thousands more. Since 2004, New Energy Nexus (up until recently known as California Clean Energy Fund) has leveraged $1.5 billion in investment, supported over 900 clean energy startups, and launched industry-leading centers for solution collaboration.

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YUNEV is a venture development firm focused on building better battery supply chains. Leveraging its deep industry expertise and global network, YUNEV provides advisory and consulting services related to strategic battery sourcing and operationalizing more robust battery supply chains.